Dal 20.10.2018 al 09.12.2018

The opening will be held at the gracious presence of H.E. Vanessa Frazier, Ambassador of Malta to the Italian Republic


The Biffi Arte Gallery is proud to present the collective art exhibition In between, involving eight among the most representative artists within Maltese contemporary art seen. In between explores issues related to the phenomenology of time as a parameter that is internalised, experienced and communicated through different perspectives. Time is perceived as a diffusing parameter, an inescapable dimension of infinite complexity; something that is yet to be perhaps understood. Time and space are integral and cannot be disentangled; they are mysteriously connected and intertwined. Time is a human construct, it facilitates the art of being and manifests itself in change, development and recurrence. Time is internalised differently, sometimes unconditionally and unintentionally. Time can be linear, cyclical or finite. The issue of timelessness represents time as an infinite occurrence, counteracted and challenged by finite units and means of measure. It is a driving mechanism to continuously question and investigate, understand and feel understood, to reflect and create. Under the supervision of Joe Philippe Abela, the exhibition seeks to explore the symbolisms associated to time, and each artist will interpret different facets of this diachronic phenomenon manifesting speculations, experiences and concepts through different mediums. But the exhibition also offers the opportunity to explore the state of the art in such a rare cultural territory: Malta, very special point of junction of two different cultures and yet unique world.